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HM-126F Training

HM-126F Training

NATC has developed a unique training package for the training, testing, certification and documentation of HazMat Employees. This package has been used by various size companies to both achieve compliance with federal/state regulations and obtain a more effective and productive group of employees.

Our training programs mirror the requirements contained within 49 CFR Part 172 Subpart H and the appropriate modal Parts. They are General Awareness, Function Specific, Safety, Modual Specific and Security Awareness.

All of these training programs are adjusted to serve your needs from initial training, through update training to recertification.  Each program includes all training materials necessary for an effective session which achieves compliance.  Our instructors are well qualified and NATC approved to teach the programs.

If you are unsure if your proposed in-house instructor is qualified to teach an HM-126F required program, let us help you evaluate him/her. Remember, the most expensive cost of any training program is the lost production of your employees if the program is ineffective. Do it right and effective the first time, and you save time resources and maintain your professionalism.