North American 
Transportation Consultants Inc. 

Facility Safety Training

Facility Safety Training

North American Transportation Consultants, Inc. (NATC)
has developed training programs to improve facility safety in the areas of hazardous and non-hazardous materials transportation.  These programs are designed to teach employees at fixed plant facilities the proper procedures necessary to safely perform their job function.

Whether your facility is receiving bulk shipments of hazardous or non-hazardous materials or it processes non-bulk packages of regulated materials, your exposure to liability from improper training is great. Environmental incidents involving regulated and non-regulated materials have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars or more to clean up. Proper training both protects the employee and reduces the liability of your company.

If you or your company are seeking assistance in the training of fixed facility employees, then
NATC can assist you in your efforts.  One of the new areas in which NATC has developed and provided training is in the unloading of bulk liquid Chlorine shipments.  If we can handle this program, we can most likely help you.

- Unloading Liquid Chlorine From Rail Tankcars

- Unloading Liquid Chlorine from Cargo Tanks
- HazMat Employee Training

If you wish additional information concerning these programs, complete the information request form at the end of this page.  If you have unique requirements in this area, call or comment directly to us.